It’s time to make a plan.
A city plan is a written document that sets forth our aspirations for our community.

We do a new plan once every 10 years. Our City Plan in 2010 was called “One City, One Plan.” We unanimously adopted our latest City Plan on May 12, 2020!

Our new City Plan’s tagline is Hartford400. The tagline came from iQuilt, which is convening a regional planning effort. Our City Plan is the FIRST Hartford400 plan. Other cities and institutions will follow.

Read the final City Plan, refined with input from 2,200 people.

Check it Out
View past presentations on the 5 primary components of the Plan below!


Bike Rim Mandala Installation (shown above): Debbie Hoak/Fleece Train
Photo: Nick Caito, Nick Caito Photo

Parts of the Plan

Our plan will be divided into five parts, each encompassing different but overlapping aspects of city life.  Overall, ideas in the plan will work to break down barriers, create connections, attract people, improve opportunity, and make our city fun (yes, fun!).

What’s Your One Word For Hartford?

In August 2019, we surveyed nearly 900 people. We asked “What is the ONE WORD you want people to use to describe Hartford in 2035, when Hartford turns 400?” Here’s what they said.

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